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Using MMAP or RPG on my wordpress website?

Mar 23 at 9:17 PM
I apologise for not being able to figure out your API help on MMAP-close but no cigar.
By default Wordpress generates 20 char randoms ~10^20 combos~35 bits, adequate but messy.

I tried copy/pasting the HTML from your page, to a new page at (not active yet), which displayed fine (except *** *** were vertical not horiz) & radio buttons worked, but nothing happened when I clicked the buttons. I'm guessing I need to put some Javascript in some directory, but don't know what's needed or how.
I think i can make a button that pops up your site, but it seems inelegant. (=Interim solution.)

So I'm asking if there's an easy way to generate adequate passwords for sites, on site (eg,
= HTML code for a button, like google maps does on their maps page.)

Thanks again for all you do!