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Running Under *nix

The Readable Passphrase Generator has been tested under Linux (Ubuntu 12.04 to be specific). It will likely work anywhere Mono 2.10 or newer is available. Both the plugin and the console versions work just fine. And I see no reason why a Mono developer couldn't reference the assembly can call methods directly.

Screenshot Running In Linux Mint 13

Screenshot Running The Console App


  # Install the full mono developer toolkit
  # The Mono runtime is installed by default, but you need all the developer components to use KeePass plgx plugins
  sudo apt-get install mono-complete 
  # Copy the plugin to your KeePass folder as root (or you will get write permissions errors)
  sudo cp /home/username/downloads/ReadablePassphrase.plgx /usr/lib/keepass2
  # Or, make sure you run a root-permission file manager when copying, eg:
  gksudo nautilus

Thanks to Phil for some additional pointers here.

Your Plugin is Incompatible!

Your Plugin is Incompatible

Sorry, KeePass is lying here.

If you get an error from KeePass saying your plugin is incompatible, make sure you install the full mono developer kit. That is, run sudo apt-get install mono-complete .

Caveat Time

I'm a Windows guy. I developed the plugin under Windows, in Visual Studio. And I'm proud of that. Once, long long ago, in a galaxy far away, I was a Linux guy. I compiled kernals, mastered vi by trial and error, and wrote multithreaded C programs for Solaris using real Sun hardware (back before Sun went out of business). But those days are long gone.

I really don't know what I'm doing in the Unix world. And I'm painfully aware of that.

That the plugin works at all is a testament to Mono's developers. So I'd gladly take the advice of any Unix or Linux developer if I'm wrong about, well, anything I say here.

What Goes Wrong


Incorrect Mono Packages Error

If you just apt-get install keepass2 in Ubuntu, KeePass will work, but plugins won't (specifically the new plgx ones). For whatever reason, KeePass's package does not have the right Mono dependencies to compile plgx plugins (well, at least my one).

If you try to run Readable Passphrase Generator under Linux and get the generic "Your plugin is not compatible" error, it's a lie. I love KeePass, but its telling terrible lies here.

If you re-run KeePass in debug mode ( mono /path/to/KeePass.exe --debug ), it will tell you the actual error. And if it looks like the one above, you can fix it by installing all of Mono like so:

sudo apt-get install mono-complete

Of course, if you have a different error, go file a bug report.

I'm sure you don't actually need all of Mono to make the plugin work correctly. But I can't untangle the long list of sub-packages which combine to make Mono (well, actually I just don't have the time), and I know installing everything works. So install it all and forget about it. If you do know the exact packages you need to install to make plgx files work, please post a comment (and go tell the KeePass developers too, so they can correct their package dependencies).

But I Don't Use Ubuntu! (or a Debian based distribution)

Sorry, I can't help you.

If you can figure out how to get you distribution to install Mono, you should be able to download KeePass and run mono KeePass.exe . Its all about getting a recent version of Mono on your system.

If you do manage to get Readable Passphrase Generator running under RedHat or Slackware or your Rasberry Pi or whatever, please post a comment so others know.

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lkraav Sep 11, 2014 at 8:31 AM 
Works fine Gentoo / CrossOver 13.2.0. Just have to copy the plugin to ~/.cxoffice/drive_c/Program Files/KeePassWhatever directory. Thanks for your work on this.