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v15 ignores space directive


Deficiency that CAN be worked around:
Downloaded and installed plugin.
Cleared plugin cache and restarted KeePass Password Save, Portable version 2.30
created a new entry, and for the password chose "Generate using custom algorithm" and selected the Readable Passphrase Generator in the dropdown (wish I could make it the default there!)
Clicked on the "settings" gear
entered Generate passphrase between 6 and 20 for letters long
set "None" as word separator
Chose Standard Mutator to add numbers and capitals
clicked "OK" Close passphrase generator settings
clicked "OK" Closed passphrase generator dialog
viewed the generated passphrase below:
THAT didactic thing might trudge toward this parrot because3 of the roomful of3 hostel

Tried again choosing "Custom" as the separator but not entering anything for the custom character(s)
This produced the desired and expected result, a passphrase with no spaces.


orcpac7 wrote Oct 22, 2015 at 8:26 PM

BTW, forgot to say, I really like the plugin, and the enhancements made in this version. I figured you might not have had a chance to test in the portable version and that I could contribute by making a bug-report...
Thanks again for your excellent and useful code!