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Generate Readable Passphrases By Default in KeePass

By default, the Readable Passphrase Generator is an opt-in plugin. That is, you need to explicitly select it when generating a password in KeePass.

To generate readable passphrases by default in KeePass, you should overwrite the Automatically generated passwords for new entries profile.
  1. In KeePass, Generate a new Password (Tools menu -> Generate Password)
  2. Select Generate Using Custom Algorithm, and select the Readable Passphrase Generator
    1. Optionally, configure any options for your default passphrase.
  3. Click the Save Profile button (see screenshot below, as its easy to miss).
  4. Select the (Automatically generated passwords for new entries) profile.
  5. Cancel out of the Generate Password screen.

New entries in KeePass should now use the Readable Passphrase Generator by default.


Further details can be found on the main KeePass help site: (right at the very bottom)

Thanks to VWFeature for letting me know about this.

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