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The KeePass plugin is usable out of the box. Just select the readable passphase generator as your custom algorithm.


Then generate some phrases on the Preview tab and choose one from KeePass's list.


Customisation and Advanced Settings

You can access some advanced options to customise your passphrase.



Most of these options are self-explanatory. Although a few deserve special mention:
  • The Mutators section allows you to change letters to upper case and add numbers to your passphrase. Which helps comply with password strength requirements.
  • The combinations uses the selected dictionary and phrase strength to count all possible combinations of words. This gives you an idea of how strong your passphrase is. See Combination Counting for all the detail behind these numbers.
  • If you select strength custom you can edit your phrase in detail. See Custom Phrase Description for exactly how this works.
  • These options are saved in your KeePass config file and will be remembered next time you start.

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